White Fire Shutter Closed Up

Here at Rite Industrial Doors, we are proud to provide industrial fire shutters as part of our extensive range. Our industrial fire shutter doors have been carefully designed and tested to be an effective fire-resistant barrier. Rite Door’s fire-resistant roller shutters have been made to a high standard of specification, allowing for maximum protection to both your business and the public. We aim to provide you with the peace of mind that your staff will be kept completely safe in the unfortunate event of a fire.

Industrial Fire Shutters With Rite Doors

We are truly passionate about providing our customers with high-quality safety solutions. Our fire shutter doors will automatically close in the event of a fire, reducing the risk of a fire spreading from one area to another. This will buy you a significant amount of time so that everyone is able to evacuate the building safely. Our industrial fire shutters are suitable for most applications, however, they are particularly ideal for high-risk settings such as commercial kitchens, where fires are most likely to arise. The fire-rated roller shutters we supply are certified to provide up to 4 hours of fire protection. So, if you are looking to put in place measures to protect your staff and business from fire, we can help!

Fire shutters doors are manufactured in a similar way to conventional shutters and can be fitted for manual closing or electrically operated for controlled descent. We pride ourselves on our ability to completely tailor our industrial fire shutter doors to the demands of each environment so that everyone is able to benefit from the high safety levels that they ensure.

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