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Choosing the right door installation team is just as important as selecting the right door. At Rite Doors, we’re experts in industrial door installation.

Even the most high-quality industrial doors can be negatively impacted, if not installed in the correct manner. You can be sure that Rite Door’s specialist team will fit your doors with precision and efficiency, achieving the highest quality results.

Trusted Professionals

Our Door Installation Services

We understand that every business is different. When you work with Rite Doors, you will receive a carefully tailored experience. To ensure every automatic door installation project runs smoothly, we conduct a thorough site survey beforehand, taking every detail into account. Our team guarantee both excellent, high-quality doors and efficient installation.

Site Surveys

Carrying out a thorough site survey prior to installation ensures that our team can equip themselves with everything they need for your project. Our experienced site engineers will carry out a comprehensive inspection and survey of the site and discuss your unique requirements in further detail.

Once complete, the team will offer you expert advice on the best choice of door or shutter and provide you with a written estimate of costs. You will have all the information you need before installation begins. This free service leaves you under no obligation to proceed and means you won’t be faced with any unforeseen costs.

Reputable Installation Service

Our team of experienced Rite Doors engineers will carry out your installation with minimal disruption to your property, leaving the site clean and tidy. Our experts will rigorously check both the quality of the installation and the door functions to ensure optimum performance. It is absolutely crucial that the installation process is carried out with professional care to ensure that the security of your new door is maximised.

Nothing Less than the Best

At Rite Doors, we believe our customers shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best. We always strive to exceed expectations. Our reliable industrial door installation team can provide you with the service you’re looking for, no matter the complexity of the task.

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