Fire Resistant Shutters

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In the event of a fire, having fire resistant doors helps to prevent the spread of flames and smoke by up to 60 minutes. Installing fire shutter doors in your home will provide vital protection to you and your loved ones in the case of an emergency. This beneficial safety feature can also fitted in your workplace or commercial buildings, giving peace of mind to workers and visitors.


Bespoke Solutions

At Rite Doors, we are dedicated to offering tailored solutions, creating completely bespoke products based on your individual requirements. Our range of fire resistant roller shutters are part of our professional industrial door services, we will cover everything from consultation to installation.

Requirements of Fire Doors

Fire shutter doors close and open automatically when a fire is detected in a home or commercial building. They are crucial to blocking the spread of heat through hallways, staircases and other parts of a building. They also offer heat resistance and ensure quick evacuation in case of an emergency.

Required by Law

Fire doors are a legal requirement in all non-domestic properties, and are also required in residential flats. A fire door will only work if it is closed when an emergency occurs. Therefore, it’s important that they are always fitted with an automatic door closer and clearly labelled with a sign that identifies the door as a fire door.

There are multiple requirements to be met when installing fire doors, including ensuring a 2-4mm gap between the door and frame. Intumescent strips and cold smoke seals should also be fitted to the top and sides of the door to prevent the spread of smoke and fire.

Benefits of Fire Doors

If you’re looking to increase the value of your home, installing sturdy, automatic fire shutters can help create a positive first impression to outsiders. Also, thanks to modern design capabilities, you don’t have to compromise on aesthetics in exchange for increased safety. Our helpful team will be more than happy to take you through our attractive design choices.

Invest in the Future

Installing fire resistant shutters can also save you valuable time and money for years to come. For example, if you choose to rent out your home in the future to multiple occupants, you will need to install fire doors leading from each individual bedroom. Also, if you choose to start a family, fire doors will offer increased protection.

Why Choose Rite Doors?

When you choose Rite Doors you can enjoy the peace of mind in knowing all of our fire doors and frames are tested to hold back fire for between 30 and 60 minutes. Not only are we expert manufacturers and suppliers, but we are also proud to provide you with a complete service, including installation.

We have designed our doors to be effective and look smart, so you can enjoy superior safety without having to compromise on aesthetic appeal. Our team of experienced installers are available to provide you with ongoing advice and guidance throughout your time with us.

Our Service

To find out more about our fire shutter door services, get in touch with one of our friendly team members who will be happy to provide design ideas and cost estimates. Call us now on 01892 335363. We look forward to hearing from you.

What makes us Rite?

Our telephones are manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, enabling us to respond quickly and efficiently to an emergency repair enquiry. All our experienced engineers carry mobile phones, and a comprehensive range of spares, with the aim of affecting a repair without the need for a return visit.

If a customer knows the exact requirements regarding the choice of fire shutter doors and can supply us with the relevant measurements, we will be happy to provide a competitive quotation over the telephone, whether for supply only or supply and fit.

Take a look at our large selection of products to see which one best suits you. When it comes to selecting the right fire-resistant roller shutters for you, we are here to help. With a wide range of Sliding Gates, High-Speed Doors, Folding Doors, Sectional Overhead Doors and PVC Insulation Screens, together we will open the Rite door!

Fire Resistant Shutters