Removable Window Bars

If you are looking to add additional security to your building then our removable window bars and grilles may be the ideal solution. The award-winning SeceuroBar system features anti-cut steel bars which are securely locked into position to protect vulnerable window openings but can be released easily from the inside to allow total vision or maintenance of windows. Our removable window security bars allow you to benefit from optimum security levels, without restrictions.

Suitable for installation in a horizontal or vertical format, SeceuroBar removable window bars are finished to a high standard and deliver security that is quick and easy to install, yet highly effective in a range of locations.

If you are looking for high removable security window bars and grilles, we also offer fixed bar systems that are available for locations where removal is not a requirement.

Installation Of Seceurobar System On Windows

Security Gates & Grilles Fixed or Stand Alone

Designed to keep intruders out while letting maximum light in, they are perfect for vulnerable ground floor windows on doors, for domestic, retail, or commercial premises. Whatever your unique requirements, we can provide you with high-quality removable security window bars and grilles that offer increased peace of mind, by adding an extra layer of security.

Elegant good looks with a heart of steel – the SeceuroGuard retractable security gate system combines a classic appearance with the highest level of protection, ideal for your home or workplace. This means that there is no need to compromise on any aspect of your home or business when you choose us you can have it all.

If you would like to find out more information on the security window grilles we offer, feel free to get in touch today. We are always on hand to provide you with in-depth advice and guidance.

Security Grilles In Place
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