High Speed Door Closed

Automatic High-Speed Door Manufacturers

Here at Rite Doors, we are proud to provide our customers with exceptional high-speed industrial doors. Our automatic doors have been designed to provide easy automatic and rapid closing of the doors, ensuring that the internal room temperature is kept stable. 

Our automatic high-speed doors are made from heavy-duty polyurethane canvas and can open and close at up to 2 meters per second. If you work in an environment where maintaining a consistent temperature is necessary, our high-speed industrial doors offer the perfect solution for you.

Environments Where Our Automatic High-Speed Doors Are Necessary

High-speed industrial doors are installed into an opening where temperature and fume control is of the utmost importance. They can also be installed in conjunction with a standard roller shutter for exterior application where high levels of access are required during working hours.

When designing manufacturing our high-speed industrial doors, we carefully considered the ease of use and functionality. They can be easily detached at the seams in the event of a collision and just press together in order to reseal, ensuring repairs are kept to a minimum. As well as providing you with increased safety and convenience, our high-speed door manufacturers always ensure that practicality is maximised too.

To discuss our high-speed industrial doors in more detail, please get in touch with a member of our friendly team today. Give us a call on 01892 800369 to get advice and guidance on all of our services.

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