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Here at Rite Industrial Doors, we are proud to supply and install level 4 steel security doors. Level 4 security doors are particularly suited to buildings and areas where security is of paramount importance. These are the highest grade of steel entry doors we offer, which ensure optimum levels of security. If you are looking for doors that won’t let you down, our level 4  steel security doors are undoubtedly the perfect option for you.

Level 4 Steel Doors

Types of Steel Security Doors

We are fully aware that each building and business will have different requirements, and therefore different types of doors may be required for each environment. As experts in bespoke steel doors, our team of specialists is on hand to provide you with a range of different options.

You can choose from the following options of level 4 steel entry doors:

  • SR4 ExcluDoor® 4 Mk2 – Available in single, leaf-and-a-half, and double leaf. A range of different locking options are on offer too, as well as the option to add a vision panel.
  • SR4 ExcluDoor® 4 Mk2FR – This option can include single, leaf-and-a-half and double leaf high-security fire rated steel door sets.
  • SR4 ExcluDoor® 4 Mk3 – Offers single-point locking on both single, leaf-and-a-half and double-leaf doors, a vision panel can also be fitted.
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Security Benefits of Steel Entry Doors

The most notable benefit that comes with installing level 4 steel entry doors is the enhanced security that they provide. These doors are able to withstand attempts at forced entry, even when power tools are used. This gives you time to act and prevent opportunists from entering your building. The level of security provided means that these doors are ideal for use in government buildings, banks, embassies and utility buildings. As well as their security benefits, our level 4 steel security doors also incorporate a sleek design, so you do not need to compromise the professionalism of your workplace.

Why Choose Us For Your Level 4 Steel Security Doors?

When you choose us as your steel door installers, you can rest safe in the knowledge that you will receive the highest possible quality, in terms of the doors provided and excellent service. We are on hand to offer advice on the best steel security doors for your particular requirements. We also offer a thorough installation service and the option for ongoing maintenance. When you choose us to install your steel security doors, you can be comforted with the peace of mind that you are in completely safe and capable hands.

Thinking about enhancing security with level 4 steel security doors? Call us on 01892 800 560 today, or get in touch here. As experts in level 4 steel entry doors, we are always on hand to provide you with in-depth advice and guidance. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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